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Titleist Fittings

Are you looking to get expert fit for the latest Titleist equipment? Our Titleist Fit Days are your best opportunity for the best fitting experience. With two expert Titleist fitters, we will be utilizing both Trackman and GC Quad technology to capture accurate data and get you fit into the best equipment for your game.

Each fitting appointment is 45 minutes long. If you are looking to get fit for multiple items (woods and irons) then you will need to make two separate appointments. Hybrids/Utility irons are included with an iron fit. Please bring your current gamer so we can compare numbers with your best fit. We will have the entire Titleist line up, including most left-handed clubs. Appointment only, no walk-ups. Let us help build your bag to allow you to play your best golf possible

  • Appointments available between 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Cost: $75 per fitting (45 minute fitting per person)
  • Launch monitor will be used during fitting
  • Appointments are required

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